Nusapro has been distributing the cellular operator’s product for years to many small outlets in villages, small towns per area and regions targeted by the operator.
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Nusapro emphasizes on active distribution where the sales canvasser proactively come and meet the out let partners to do sales activities. In addition, doing co-branding with managed local outlets to improve distribution activities in order to increase sales are part of the company’s strategy. There has been more than 30,000 partner's outlets that are actively transacting with Nusapro everyday. Nusapro does have business commitment to keep expanding the distribution network and market penetration. To do so, Nusapro closely manages the followings:

  • Cluster development
  • Sales and distribution reporting for every branch, cluster, and outlet
  • The standard market price
  • Professional region/area management.

Nusapro owns IT systems and infrastructure supporting the company’s business operations and business development. Currently our branches and sales depots have been connected to the Nusapro HQ office for centralized information and distributed processes systems through internet connection. The internal IT team continuously improves current systems and applications and develops new ones for effective, efficient, and better business operations. Every office of Nusapro has the facility to accept deposit payment from our outlet partners. In addition, supported by some major banks, all outlet partners now also can do the deposit payment through bank’s eChannels for online and real-time transactions, integrated with Nusapro's financial system. To control inventory, Nusapro system has capability to control stock movements of each product with its respective serial number. So that it will effectively help manage good information of the sales transactions of the products to the Principal as well as to the outlet partners.