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We are mainly in distribution business of cellular operator in Indonesia managing thousands of partner's outlets almost in every big and small cities in Java regional areas. Nusapro will expand its business network to another area and region in the country as the business grows. Besides, Nusapro also has other supporting businesses to its core to give more values.

About Us

Nusapro, a sales distribution and digital business company.

Established in 1999, Nusapro started its business in sales and distribution of telecommunication industry for selling physical voucher and starter pack of SIM card. In the early years of 2000, Nusapro was one of the first distribution company that built electronic voucher system, connected to the cellular operator, to be sold and distributed to resellers using SMS-based mobile application for ordering and transfering the electronic vouchers.

In 2011, Nusapro began to develop new businesses to diversify in order to give value-added services towards its core business, social applications (as local OTT) and internet access infrastructure (access point) to utilize and benefit from the operators' internet and data businesses for mobile users.



To be the preferred and trusted partner on cellular product sales & distribution and digital commerce in Indonesia.



  • To develop wide and strong network and partnership for a fast and efficient product sales & distribution.
  • To develop robust and reliable infrastructure and services to support digital commerce advancement in Indonesia.
  • To provide best services and value for all


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Head Office:

Menara Imperium 26th Floor
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kavling 1
Jakarta 12980 Indonesia

Phone : +6221 8379 2888
Fax : +6221 8379 2250
Email : markerting@nusapro.com